FloorDRY Absorbent Mat


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The FloorDRY™ edges can be folded over ledges / table bases to protect equipment. Saves cleaning after surgery.

Non-slip, waterproof absorbent mat absorbs 2 litres

The FloorDRY™ is a disposable absorbent white pad with a waterproof, non-slip backing. It is designed to be stood on to protect floors from fluids

  • Top layer is a firm air-laid paper that absorbs 2 litres
  • Bottom layer is a thick PE designed not to slip when standing on it

How does it benefit your facility and staff?

  • Reduce cleaning costs – reduce the need to clean floors
  • Reduce time spent cleaning between surgeries
  • Better fluid handling capacity of FloorDRY™ – absorbs 2 litres, over 7 times its weight
  • Maintains structural integrity when saturated


Sizes & Pricing

FloorDRY® Absorbent Mat
  • Size: 100cm x 75cm
  • Maximum absorbency: 2 litres
  • 10 packs of 5 pads

Code: FD10075
BOX 50 $245
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