SallyTube Single Patient Use

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Single Patient Use SallyTubes are made from a very slippery slide sheet material that is sewn into a tube.

They are particularly ideal for the following applications where a lateral transfer is required:
  • Emergency Services (pick up/drop off) Stretcher to Stretcher/Bed
    • Bed to X-ray Table to Bed
    • Bed to Theatre Table to Bed
    • Patient Transport
    • Intensive Care Unit
      Features & Benefits
        • A SallyTube is often less than the cost of washing reusable slide sheets and tubes
        • Improved manual handling – no excuses for staff not to have one because reusable slide sheets have not been returned from the laundry
        • Central dispenser system – make it easy for staff to always have access to a SallyTube
        • Consistent slip quality for staff (unlike reusable slide sheets returned from the laundry)
        • Avoid wards purchasing new reusable slide sheets and then receiving old sheets from the laundry
        • When used in the lateral transfer position, patients can move 30cm up the bed, otherwise the SallyTube can be rotated 90 degrees for up the bed manoeuvres.
              • Bright yellow polyester taffeta for easy identification, with  silicone coating on the inside of the tube – very slippery
              • Reduced infection risks associated with cross-contamination when using reusable slide sheets
              • Radiolucent - can be used for X-rays / CT scans
              • Each SallyTube sealed in a poly bag with label for improved infection control
              • Can be disposed of after single patient use (used on one patient for the duration of their stay)
              • Weight capacity: 360kg when used with a draw sheet
              • Recyclable in general use

                    Sizes & Pricing 

                    SallyTube-Single-Patient-Use-illustration inner-box bag
                    Single Patient Use SallyTube
                      Acrylic Dispenser to fit SallyTube inner box
                    Single Patient Use Plastic Bag


                    Code: MT STDSS-60
                    Lateral Transfer Tube
                    145cm W x 72.5cm L (145 Circum)
                    Box 60

                    ($5.41 each) GST Free

                    Code: MT SPUCH-50
                    SallyActive Chair Size Tube
                    45cm W x 45cm L (90cm Circum)
                    Box 50

                    ($3.90 each) GST Incl

                    Code: MT DISP
                    Acrylic Dispenser
                    28.5cm Height x 11.5cm Width.

                    ($14.25 each) GST Incl

                    Code: MT PEBAG
                    Single Patient Use Plastic Bag
                    31cm W x 40cm H
                    Box 240

                    ($82.50 each) GST Incl




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