SallySling Pannus Support Single Patient Use

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Assist with the care and comfort of bariatric patients
The SallySling® Pannus Support reduces risks for health professionals by reducing awkward postures, reaching and sustained lifting. The support allows for safe and easy pannus management which reduces risks for  health professionals and provides better care for bariatric patients.

The pannus provides complex challenges for healthcare professionals.


  • Soft and breathable for improved skin integrity
  • Assists with patient hygiene enabling easy access for bathing as well as catheter insertion / removal
  • Assists with catheter insertion / removal
  • Removes the need for multiple staff to lift/hold the pannus
  • Reduces the risk of injuries to staff undertaking the challenging task of lifting the pannus
  • Assists with taking pressure of Pannus off patients legs when in seated position
  • Having the Pannus raised using the SallySling® Pannus Support for periods of time reduces the likelihood of heat rashes and skin ulcers


Sizes & Pricing

  • 125cm length x 30cm wide
  • Soft, breathable polyester fire retardant foam padding for improved skin integrity
  • Soft, Polyester straps
  • Individually sealed
  • SWL 120kg
  • Single Patient Use with ‘Do Not Wash’ Indicator



($20 each) GST Free

If you are working for a company or organisation within healthcare, aged care or a hospital, free samples are available. To request a free sample contact Haines® Medical



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