SallyRoller | Lightweight, Foldable Patient Transfer Device



SallyRoller is a lightweight, foldable, patient transfer device which transfers patients between a bed and x-ray table, operating table, shower trolley or ambulance stretcher. It is effectively a patient transfer board and padded slide tube in one. 

A single caregiver is able to assist patient transfer in an easier, safer and more comfortable move. It reduces back injuries and other stresses that may result from lifting patients for a lateral move. It also enables the caregiver to quickly get one product instead of having to find a transfer board and slide sheet.

Features & Benefits  
  • Lightweight - weighs only 3kg
  • Can be easily stored – only 88cm x 55cm when folded
  • Fits on length of bed - 177cm x 55cm
  • 150kg S.W.L. when used with 15cm gap
  • Water resistant
  • Simple cleaning using surface disinfectant
  • Anti-bacterial / Fire Retardant / Anti-static


    Sizes & Pricing

    Code: MT SROLLER
    SallyRoller; Unfolded - 177cm x 55cm; Folded: 88cm x 55cm

    ($499 each) GST Free

    Code: MT SRPEC
    Disposable Clear PE; Size: 200cm x 65cm (130cm circumference)
    Box 100

    ($132 incl GST) 


    Lateral Patient Transfer Example (Minimum of 2 users recommended)

    sallyroller-1 sallyroller-2
    1. Lean patient to one side and roll SallyRoller® under patient 2. Gently pull draw sheet and SallyRoller® simply rolls across gap from bed to bed
    sallyroller-3 sallyroller-4
    3. Patient has now been transferred with no lifting 4. Lean patient to one side and roll SallyRoller® away from patient for easy removal

    Please note: These instructions are a guide only and do not replace protocols and procedures as devised by your manual handling coordinator. Always consult with your manual handling coordinator or seek professional advice before use. Never leave patients unattended on the SallyRoller®. For demonstration purposes, the  guideline above shows the SallyRoller® used with a transfer Board. The SallyRoller® can be used without a Transfer Board if the gap between the 2 transfer surfaces is less than 15cm.

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