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Haines adds to its extensive range of single patient use slings

Clip-SlingHaines® Medical Australia have launched another product in its expansive single patient use sling range.

The new General Purpose SallySling with Head Support is NOW available with Clips.

Compatible with clip style lifters. Designed for use on one patient during their stay. Built-in head support and padded legs. Available in S, M, L , XL and XXL (SWL of 400kg). And very reasonably priced at $35 - $50 each.

Haines strive to listen and partner with health professionals to improve patient outcomes and take pressure off staff and facilities with new and redesigned product development. This new clip compatible sling is a recent example of such collaboration.

To learn more and/or order the General Purpose clip compatible sling please visit:


Haines disposable towels help The Marilyn’s raise money for Cancer Council

marilynIn February 2017 Haines was again delighted to support The Marilyn's – the stunning flock of 120+ Marilyn look-a-likes gathered at Brighton beach in Adelaide for a charity swim to successfully raise more than $110,000 for the Cancer Council. Waiting at the end of the swim were the disposable towels donated from Haines Medical Australia to help the ladies dry off.

"Thank you Haines for your on-going generous donation. Your disposable towels work so well for our ladies as they come out of the water. They are light, soft and absorbant and save us having to deal with over 100 wet towels on this important day.   With help of companies like yourself our amazing 120+ flock of Marilyn's have raised over $110,000 this season. Thank you for your ongoing support."

Sarah Tinney, Marilyn Jetty Swim 


The Haines Disposable Towels are a great alternative to traditional towels. Our towels are often used as the towel for after showering in hospitals, medical setting and fitness centres, also as a privacy sheet for medical examinations and as an alternative to a traditional sheet to protect examination or massage beds.
Haines Medical Australia 

Improve theatre safety and faster turnaround times with our new FloorDRY

FloorDRYHaines® Medical Australia have launched another product in its range of absorbent pads and matts.

This time we have focused on improving outcomes in theatre both from a turnaround time and staff safety. The FloorDRY floor mat can absorb up to 2 litres of fluid and has a non-slip backing so it will collect spills and provide a non-slip surface for staff.

Because of its absorbency and ability to collect spills of up to 2 litres it will help reduce clean up time and therefore reduce time between surgeries and provide better operating efficiencies.

The FloorDRY is 100 cm x 75 xm and comes in boxes of 50 for $245 (10 packs of 5).


Introducing the ‘where have you been all my life’ Disposable Wash Mitts

haines-disposable-wash-mittHaines® Medical Australia have launched another product in its disposable linen range – the disposable wash mitt.

No more waiting for the laundry and no more grey tired face washers and flannels – the wash mitt is disposable, bright white AND recyclable.  Great for washing patients in the bed, the bath and the shower.  Gentle and soft on patient's skin, rinses out well, robust, won't tear apart.

They sell in boxes of 1000 (inner packs of 50) only $75.00 so that is only 7.5 cents each and in many cases less than the cost of a washing a reusable washcloth.


Be Prepared with our Bariatric Repositioning Kits

boss-repo-kitHaines® Medical Australia have launched another product in its range of single patient use bariatric and obesity solution products.

Our disposable single patient use Bariatric Repositioning Kits have been developed based on the needs of the Industry with leading Bariatric Safe Patient Handling expert, Stephen Morley from Bendigo Hospital.

The kit which includes a wrap-around kimono gown and a repositioning sling is designed to be easily accessible to staff when presented with a bariatric patient. These kits are suitable for hospitals, mortuaries and aged/disability care facilities, and can be written into your bariatric safe patient care plan.


Haines Education Series now offering CPD points

Haines Education Series now offering CPD points, register your interest on our educations series so you don't miss out on future events. CPD-Hours-Logo


Collaboration with Midwifery Industry Improved Patient Outcomes

Collaboration with Industry Improved Patient Outcomes
Written by Broom M, Dunk AM, McLeod M



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