BOSS Repo Kits

boss-bariatric-kimono-gown boss-bariatric-repositioning-sling
Disposable Kimono Gown Disposable Repositioning Sling


Bariatric and Obesity patient care can be difficult for both staff and the patient, especially when the correct products are not readily available to assist with transfers and repositioning.

The Haines® BOSS Repo Kits provide a cost effective solution to the challenges surrounding the movement of a bariatric client. Complete with a kimono gown to maximise the dignity of the client during a transfer, coupled with a high quality Single Patient Use (SPU) Repositioning Sling the pack is perfect for the use where a loop style lifter/hoist is available.

The sling is designed to aid with complete repositioning of the patient or used to assist turning a patient without the need to manually roll them.



The Haines® BOSS Repo Kits are available when you need it. Each pack includes:

  • One disposable, soft Kimono Gown that wraps around the patient and is non-transparent for extra dignity, they also feature a sewn-on front tie for ease of use by the patient and ease of access for medical procedures. The gowns are recyclable and fire retardant.
  • One Repositioning Sling for patient transfer or in bed repositioning. Slings are best used with a 4 point spreader bars, that allows the patient or resident to remain in a supine position for transfer or in-bed repositioning. It can also be used for turning. They are designed for use on one patient during their stay and should not be redistributed to other patients. This sling is compatible with hook style lifters. Tested to Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011
  • Suitable for aged care, emergency departments, theatre and mortuaries.



BOSS Repo Kit 1

Safe patient working load of 300 kg
2 packs in each box        
Each pack has:

  • One XL Kimono Gown CODE:DSMSKGXL-65
  • One Repositioning Sling CODE: SLREPOSPU
BOSS Repo Kit 2

Safe patient working load of 454 kg
2 packs in each box        
Each pack has:

  • One XXL Kimono Gown CODE: DSMSKGXXL-65
  • One Bariatric Repositioning Sling  CODE: SLREPOSPU-B
BOX 2 $90
($45 ea)
BOX 2 $120
($60 ea)



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