Air Assisted Lateral Transfer Device Reusable



The cost effective solution for air-assisted lateral transfer

  • Suitable for use in all areas of the healthcare facility, including the OR department where fluids are anticipated.
  • Fits all existing air supply units.
  • Cradle-like effect when inflating – provides sense of security for staff and patient.
  • 2 safety straps to be used to hold patient secure on mat.
  • 4 handles down each side of the mat for a safer transfer process.
  • Haines® Air Assisted Transfer Device is of sewn construction consisting of a vapour permeable nylon twill and a robust PVC fabric body. It is designed for continuous duty use and may be heavily cleaned or laundered as required. Refer to cleaning instructions in User Manual.
  • 454kg Safe Working Load (SWL).
  • Latex-free.
  • Ongoing expert training and support provided from Haines® Medical Australia.
  • 12-month warranty.


PRICING (Prices current from 1st July 2018)

Unit Price (GST FREE)
AP34R 86cm (34”) W x 198cm (78") L Haines® Air Assisted Transfer Device Reusable Each



air-supply AIrPal-Stand-with-AS clax-trolley
Grounded Air Supply 1200W Transport Stand
- Single Basket
Clax Clever
Folding Cart
Unit Price
APAS Grounded Air Supply 1200W Each
$1,295 (GST Free)
APO700-1 Transport Stand - Single Basket Each $795 ($874.50 Incl. GST)
APCLAX Clax Clever Folding Cart Each $405 ($445.50 Incl. GST)

For further information, contact Haines Medical Australia on (08) 8294 5999 or contact us.



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